What is spoofing in trading. Why Spoofing Was Made Illegal

Spoofy is a mysterious trader who's allegedly involved in manipulating cryptocurrency exchanges.

During the lifespan of that first order sor within a short time after it is cancelled, the same trader executes a trade on the opposite side of the market. This is true regardless of whether the buy sell execution occurs at the pre-sequence best bid offer price, at the midpoint, or at the new best offer bid price set by the spoof order.

Spoofy is named after spoofinga strategy considered illegal in equity exchanges. Buying and selling a cryptocurrency has some of the hallmarks of trading official currencies, such as the U.

After the genuine order trades, the multiple orders on the other side are rapidly withdrawn. Department of Justice April 21, complaint of market manipulation and fraud laid against Navinder Singh Sarao, [20] — dubbed the Hounslow day-trader [21] — appeared "to have used this andlot spoofing technique in certain instances to intensify the manipulative effects of his dynamic layering technique

Trading platforms use a quotation and pricing structure in which the price of a cryptocurrency is listed as a comparison to another currency, such as the U. This is called a currency pair.

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Unlike trading a non-digital currency, however, the market for cryptocurrencies is not nearly as liquid, and trades may not be executed as quickly. This can create volatility, and can make the market for cryptocurrencies ripe for manipulation.

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Whales may favor particular exchanges, often because they what is spoofing in trading the underlying mechanics better than smaller investors, and are in a better position to exploit weaknesses in how orders are processed. Spoofing is a form of market manipulation in which a trader places one or more highly-visible orders, but has no intention of keeping them the orders are not considered bona fide. For example, an investor places a large buy order, only to cancel it and place a sell order.

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The buy order drives up the price of the cryptocurrency, while the sell order takes advantage of the higher price. For Spoofy, this strategy works because the trader can place large buy and sell orders — typically for bitcoins worth millions of dollars.

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It has also been suggested that Spoofy has been involved with wash trading. This involves making offsetting trades, which gives other traders the impression that a market is worth getting into.

Once traders are drawn into the market, Spoofy may then go what is spoofing in trading to spoof trading.

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Equity markets consider spoofing and wash trades to be illegal. Cryptocurrency trading, however, is not regulated by organizations such as the Securities and Exchange Commission SECso it is more susceptible to this type of trading strategy, and provides fewer options for recourse.

What Is Spoofing?

It was, in short, an exchange where Spoofy would be the largest whale. Depositing thousands of bitcoins in a single exchange is very risky, as the exchange could fail and leave the trader without access to a digital wallet.

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